Dr Philipp Boersch‑Supan

Quantitative Ecologist


I have developed and taught modules and courses in invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, ecology, and marine biology, as well as in data analysis, statistics, and mathematical modelling.

I believe that better integrating quantitative thinking and problem solving into the biological curriculum is a pressing need to ensure tomorrows graduates are well prepared for careers in science and industry, and beyond. To this end, I have been involved in the Carpentries, a set of non-profit organisations aiming to not only teach basic research computing and data handling skills, but to also improve the way these skills are taught. I am currently in the process of being trained as a Carpentries instructor.

Recent Teaching

Data management for biologists - Fall 2017


PCB 6456C Biometry - Spring 2017

Meeting times: MW 2:00pm-3:45pm (Computer Lab is available to work on assignments F 2:00pm-3:45pm)
Location: ENB 228A
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R Lecture Notes

R Introduction Notes (we won’t cover all modules in class)

Other R Resources

Base R cheatsheet
Sizing base plots
RMarkdown cheatsheet Quick-R