Any constructive contributions – bug reports, pull requests (code or documentation), suggestions for improvements, and more – are welcome.


Discussion is welcome by creating a new issue in this repository.


Everyone is asked to read and respect the code of conduct before participating directly in this project.

How to contribute text, edits, and other materials

Using GitHub (doesn’t require knowing Git)

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Click the link for one of the files
  3. Click the Edit button, then make some edits
  4. Add a commit summary and (optionally) an extended description
  5. Click the Commit Changes button
  6. Create a pull request by clicking the Pull Request button at the top of the main page of your copy of the repository

Using Git

  1. Fork the repository, for example to
  2. Clone your fork locally
  3. Create a branch to hold your changes (git checkout -b my-changes)
  4. Commit the changes you’ve made (git commit -am "Some descriptive text around what you've added")
  5. Push your branch to GitHub (git push origin my-changes)
  6. Create a pull request, for example at


License: Apache 2.0


This file was adapted from Combine-Org the code4lib anti-harassment policy repository on GitHub. Their content is licensed under CC0. Subsequent modifications were made by COMBINE members as indicated in the GitHub commit history.