Dr Philipp Boersch‑Supan

Quantitative Ecologist

Articles in revision or in press

This semi-hidden page provides links to selected unpublished manuscripts that are not available as “official” preprints for various reasons (usually journal policies). For my full publication record please see http://pboesu.github.io/publications/

Boersch-Supan PH, Johnson LR, Phillips RA, Ryan SJ: Surface temperatures of albatross eggs and nests. Now published in Emu - Austral Ornithology.
DOI:10.1080/01584197.2017.1406311Free preprint

Ryan SJ, Lippi CA, Boersch-Supan PH, Heydari N, Silva N, Adrian J, Noblecilla LF, Ayala EB, Encalada M, Larsen DA, Krisher JT, Krisher L, Fregosi L, Stewart-Ibarra AM: Quantifying Seasonal and Diel Variation in Anopheline and Culex Human Biting Rates in Southern Ecuador. Now published in Malaria Journal 16:479